Best coffee quality since 1924

Ship bells ringing, seagulls singing, waves crashing: large merchant-ships arrive in Bremen with bags full of coffee beans on board. Directly at the harbour, the merchant Eduard Schopf opens a small coffee roasting plant and lays the foundation for the Eduscho company.

Today, a whole century later, we roast our coffees with the same love and passion as our founder did back then.

Why we do what we do.

We love good coffee. So much that we want everyone -in fact: only actual coffee lovers- to enjoy their favorite coffee anytime they like to. Everyday. From morning to night, alone, with friends or with family. That´s why today just as 100 years ago we rely on: BEST QUALITY, extraordinarily good TASTE and FAIR PRICES.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We think coffee is not just about good taste. In fact it is also about how and under which circumstances it is produced. Namely RESPONSIBLE, while also focusing on HUMANS and our ENVIRONMENT. That is why we root for an environmentally friendly way of growing coffee, better work and living conditions for our farmers and their families as well as their educational opportunities on site.